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Sorry, your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL2.

You can try switching to webgl1 and downgrading the shader.

To find a base webgl1 shader: circle_webgl1.glsl

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MathJS mode help

The expression in the editor will be ran on all pixels.
You can use plain math syntax, sin, cos, the ternary operator (?:).

The result can be a 3 component array that will be interpreted as rgb values:

[0.3, cos(x * 10), 0.0]

The result can also be a single value that will be interpreted as grayscale.

cos(3 * sqrt(x^2 + y ^2))

Have a look at the math js syntax here: http://mathjs.org/docs/expressions/syntax.html


Textures not supported for this language.

# File name Sampler2D name Remove Texture
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Example use:

gif.js settings


GPU sound tools

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